EVENTS: Sessions & Meetups

All SESSIONS & MEETUPS are listed in the CALENDAR.

Join us for LCL24 as we dive into a variety of tracks to help you master your career journey!


General Registration

General Registration includes sessions and meetups providing broad career guidance and exploration.

Sessions (workshops, panels, and other structured events) will take place in Zoom.

Meetups (office hours, mixers, and a few additional events) will take place in Gather is a proximity chat platform that lets you navigate an avatar around the virtual LCL conference center. When you are in proximity to someone else, your video and audio automatically turn on. It’s the platform that we think best replicates the in-person experience.



Career management sessions will cover all the knowledge you need to build and grow your career.

  • In a series of five presentations, Dr. Alexandra Johnston of Georgetown University will cover topics like: networking, building/tailoring your resume, informational interviews, leveraging LinkedIn, and salary & benefit negotiation.
  • Dr. Jen Polk of PhD to Life will lead a workshop on how to use ChatGPT as your job search assistant.
  • We’ll have sessions on other topics that we know are of special interest to current students: getting an internship, getting a first job, visa & immigration experiences, and how faculty can best support students.

Career panel sessions showcase a group of linguists organized around a common theme, like an industry sector.

  • We will include the varied paths available to folks interested in technical roles, tech products, or tech companies. We’ll discuss the different levels of technical skill required for different roles. We’ll cover prompt engineering, AI ethics, conversation design, user experience (UX) and user interfaces (UI). And, Dr. Chris Stewart of Google will lead a workshop on getting started with Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI).
  • We will showcase the options available to linguists in government (via the lens of national security), healthcare communications & medical discourse analysis, learning & curriculum design, and higher education administration. Dr. Anthony Koth will present a workshop on taxonomy. And we are currently evaluating workshop proposals on additional topics like content creation and localization.



Meetups, including office hours and mixers, take place in Gather to provide a more flexible and informal atmosphere.

When in Gather, you’re in control of who you talk to and when. It breaks the mold of the stuffy and rigid Zoom mixer where you can only speak to folks in your breakout room, with little possibility of mingling as you would in real life.

Office hours are a great chance to ask pressing questions on topics like tailoring your resume for a specific sector, or discovering your transferable skills. We will post a roster for office hours prior to each of the four sessions, including the company and sector that each career linguist works in.

Mixers present an opportunity to network with career linguists in an informal and conversational setting. Remember, mixers are not job fairs, so don’t ask for one! Instead, take the opportunity to explore new horizons by asking our career linguists about their field and role. You never know what you might learn about yourself and your career options when you come to the mixer with a spirit of curiosity!

Meetups also include additional events where we can have candid, unrecorded conversations. This year, Laurel Sutton and Emily Pace will lead exploratory discussions on two pressing topics: “Should I get a PhD?” and “Everything about work environments that you were afraid to ask”.