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This Google doc provides links to the Linguistics Career Launch content and resources, organized into a Career Management section and individual sections for sectors and job content.

Free Content

  1. Post-Ac Guide for Language Experts
  2. So You Wanna be a Researcher? Advice for Grad Students
  3. Language Technology Needs Linguists, But Companies Need Convincing
  4. Career Linguist
  5. Economist article on human language technology applications
  6. Anne Krook – Practical Workplace Advice
  7. Gender Equity in Linguistics (brought to you by the LSA Committee on Gender Equity in Linguistics (formerly COSWL))

Freemium Content

  1. Career Linguist Mighty Network
  2. Beyond Prof


  1. PhD to Tech
  2. From PhD to Life
    1. Some great free articles, but counseling is mostly on a paid basis.
  3. Hillary Hutchinson (US)
  4. Kristi Lodge (US)
  5. Chelsea Hetherington (US)
  6. Catherine Maybrey (Canada)
  7. Chris Cornthwaite (Canada)
  8. Heidi Scott Giusto (US)
    1. Extremely helpful for translating academic experience to effective application materials for industry positions
  9. Scholars of Color Facebook group
    1. OUR MISSION: To provide a platform for the voices of Scholars of Color who are interested in linguistics/language studies. We aim to address a serious issue: Scholars of Color in language studies need a space where they can connect/network/socialize with other Scholars of Color. This is a space where Scholars of Color can find a system of support with people who intimately understand the way structural racism/colorism in academia and society-at-large impacts us as Scholars of Color.
    2. There are scholars covering all fields of linguistics, and while it is mostly academics, there are also working professionals! For the FB group, make sure to click the request to join button in order to answer the open-ended question: “Do you identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Color (BIPOC)? If ‘no’, how do you view your own ethnic/racial identity?”
  10. ¬†SOBLAC listserv – Prof Anne Charity Hudley’s group¬†convening around linguistic research of interest that is often of interest to Black scholars