This May-Aug, follow along with Linguistic Career Launch (LCL) 2.0 on the LCL Twitter!

The Linguistics Beyond Academia special interest group of the LSA will bring you weekly Tweetorials offering a range of videos, articles, activities, and tips throughout Summer 2022.

Tweet Recap, 5/20/22

Here’s a quick recap of the resources shared on the LCL Twitter page this week. Check out this 1-hour webinar on Career Opportunities for Linguists and make sure to bookmark for a plethora of career management resources specifically for linguists. Browse the “Week in the Life” blog from PhDs at Work or review the slides from Wednesday’s post for a list of career titles that linguists can and do hold. And don’t forget to sign up for Job Squad if you’d like extra support while navigating the job market!

Tweet Recap, 5/13/22

Here’s a quick recap of the resources from last week’s Tweets. Make sure to bookmark the LCL YouTube channel if you haven’t already, and review these webinars on Job Hunting Beyond Academia and Getting Your First Job Beyond Academia. Also consider taking a look at, a resource page from the U.S. Dept. of Labor. More great resources to come this week on the LCL Twitter page!


Are you a student who wonders how you can use linguistics in industry? Are you an early career professional transitioning within the workforce? Are you a faculty or staff member who supervises students curious about non-academic careers? LCL 2.0 is for you!

LCL 2.0 will start with an overview of foundational topics in career management. Think resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, job interview prep, and more! But we won’t stop with the basics. LCL 2.0 will also explore a variety of careers where linguists can and do thrive. Think conversation design, applied research, and naming & branding. Consider educational technology, natural language processing (NLP), and user experience (UX). The Tweetorials may be asynchronous, but there will be opportunities for synchronous support too. Join Job Squad with Rachel, attend Office Hours in http://Gather.Town, and look out for details on live Career Panels. 

Job Squad

What’s Job Squad? It’s an informal, virtual space in Zoom for linguists and other social and behavioral scientists navigating the job market to come together and share their experiences. Bring your questions and concerns about career management and we will tackle them together.

Who’s Rachel? Rachel is graduating with an M.A. in Linguistics from @MLCGeorgetown this May and is currently navigating her own job search. She’ll be facilitating Job Squad, offering tips and resources from a variety of sources, and sharing her own job search experiences as they unfold.

Think you’d like to join the Job Squad? Please fill out this sign-up sheet! Registrants will receive further communications via email, including a scheduling survey. And stay tuned for details to come about Office Hours and Career Panels!