A participatory discussion (collaboratively google-docing & sharing verbally) how we linguists contribute our knowledge and expertise as part of our jobs across a range of work contexts (including but not limited to User Research, Evaluation, Survey Design, Social Change and Advocacy Communication, Localization,Taxonomy, Content Design, UX Writing, etc. etc. etc.) All are welcome, but especially anyone who works (or wants to learn about working) in a context where they are called upon to share what they know with non-linguist colleagues, clients, and collaborators. Linguists (and those who do linguistic work but who may not identify as linguists) are invited to share ideas, strategies, stories, and resources as they meet others who are doing this all over the world. How can we learn from one another about bringing more linguistic knowledge and ways of thinking to bear on the challenges we are working on?

Presenters: Katherine Nelson, Marie-Ève Monette, Anna Marie Trester (all OPA Linguists)