LCL is partnering with BALANCE, a national nonprofit, to bring you this special session on financial wellness!

In this presentation, you’ll discover the value of financial coaching and how it can help you navigate your career and financial decisions. We’ll guide you through essential steps for integrating job offers into your financial picture, starting with creating a projected budget, considering living arrangements, and planning transportation needs. Additionally, we’ll explore short-term and long-term financial planning, including budget adjustments, planning for vacations, significant life events, and long-term savings and investments.

Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to launch your career with confidence. The session includes a 20-minute introduction and presentation, followed by an interactive Q&A session to address your specific questions and concerns. Each person who attends will be invited to start their journey with a BALANCE financial coach, entirely free.

BALANCE, a national nonprofit organization renowned for its financial coaching, housing counseling, and digital financial educational, will conduct an insightful and empowering presentation designed specifically for individuals embarking on their professional journeys. This session is ideal for those with little to no experience in personal finance or money management matters.

Laurel Sutton (Catchword Branding & Linguistics Career Launch)

Lara Brecher (BALANCE)
Denise Keiser (BALANCE)