Did you ever wonder why linguistics departments only prepare you for academic careers, ignoring the rest of the universe? Or how this summer’s LCL program took its current shape, independently from linguistics departments?
 It didn’t just spring up out of nowhere. If we dial the calendar back 40 years, to December 1981, there was a precedent: a one-day event during that year’s annual LSA meeting in New York. It was called “Careers in Linguistics: New Horizons”, covering careers outside the academy. Both presenters – Frishberg and Battison – were there.
 On Friday, July 16 (8am Pacific, 11am Eastern), we’ll have a look at where non-academic career paths were back then, to provide a historical context for our present and future. And we’ll talk about what we’ve learned about making the transition since then.
 Fortunately for us, there was a transcript of that LSA session, including Q&As. If you’d like to look through it before the presentation, you can download it for free at https://eric.ed.gov/?id=ED216533.

Presenters: Robbin Battison and Nancy Frishberg