Janice (Ginny) Redish has had an exciting and fulfilling career applying her love of linguistics to making written materials easy for the people who must use them. Over the decades since she finished her Ph.D., Ginny has led teams turning government regulations into question and answer conversations, revolutionizing user manuals to be task-oriented and user-oriented, and giving website visitors what they need in well-organized plain language.

Ginny’s session will focus on the fabulous careers that linguists can have working with words on websites: content strategy; content as conversation; helping people find, understand, and use websites and apps. Bringing her academic background to bear on practical work, Ginny serves on the editorial board of 3 applied research journals. She has also written numerous peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, as well as 3 books.

Her most recent book, Letting Go of the Words — Writing Web Content that Works, gets rave reviews. As one reviewer wrote: “Ginny Redish’s Letting Go of the Words is the most important book on the shelves of anyone who creates websites that have words on them.” Linguists know about words, and Ginny will help you see yourself as an applied linguist working with web content.

Presenter: Ginny Redish (Redish & Associates)