Who hasn’t heard of the transformative power of AI and its many ethical implications? From the benefits and challenges of AI integration to the moral responsibilities of AI development, this panel will explore perspectives and experiences on how we can ensure AI technologies serve humanity positively and ethically. This panel brings together a group of presenters to reflect upon the many societal impacts that AI is having in today’s societies, while stressing the need for professionals coming from the Humanities and Social Sciences. Attendees will have the ability to see how AI is reshaping different industries, influencing society, and posing critical ethical questions. Additionally, panelists will be sharing their insights into how linguists are effectively contributing to this niche of AI. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with experts and peers on one of the most pressing issues of our time!

Aubrie Amstutz (Apple via Grid Dynamics)

Patricia McDonough (Aquent)
Aubrie Amstutz (Apple via Grid Dynamics)
Alfonso Sanchez-Moya (Amazon | UMASS Boston)