Computer-Assisted translation (CAT) tools are essential for anyone working in translation and localization as either a Project Manager (PM) or a translator. Basic knowledge of CAT tools is vital to succeed in the job search in these fields, but this skill is not often taught in academic coursework. This workshop will provide you hands-on experience with Crowdin, a popular tool for team-based translation and localization work. And, as most CAT tools are based on the same set of principles, you will be able to transfer your knowledge of Crowdin to other tools you may encounter in the field.

In this workshop, you will be invited to join the Crowdin platform*, beginning with the onboarding process. Workshop participants will then join in with the instructor for a live collaboration on a small translation project. This will give attendees a clear understanding of what to expect when working with CAT tools as either a project manager or translator. Each of these roles leverages different features that will be covered in the workshop:

  1. In the Project Manager role, you will simulate working on the buyer’s or language service provider’s (LSP) side. You will learn how to adjust workflows, create projects, add and onboard new translators, provide them context for the task, review their work, and learn the difference between a ‘standard proofreading workflow’ vs. AI-powered;
  2. In the Translator role, you will explore the user interface (UI), onboarding stages, product training, and how to complete your assigned task.

Attendees will leave with basic knowledge that they can build on with additional courses in Crowdin or localization.

*In order to join Crowdin for hands-on participation in this workshop, you must complete the workshop registration form. This will be circulated to all registered LCL attendees in advance of the session. Attendees who have not completed the form are still welcome, but will attend as observers rather than participants.

Presenter: Nadja Ruhl, PhD, localization manager at Chainels, Rotterdam. Recognized Localization expert at Crowdin. Mentor at Women in Localization and the Mentoring club.