By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe specific ways in which ChatGPT and similar AI tools can be utilized to enhance job search strategies, including resume refinement and interview preparation, while recognizing their limitations.
  • Navigate ChatGPT’s interface and utilize its features to execute at least one job search-related task, such as drafting a cover letter or researching career paths, demonstrating confidence in leveraging AI assistance.
  • Construct tailored prompts for ChatGPT that elicit detailed and relevant responses, applying best practices in prompt engineering to optimize output quality for job search purposes.
  • Assess the relevance and quality of ChatGPT’s responses or content, making informed decisions on its applicability to their job search materials, ensuring authenticity and alignment with personal goals.
  • Commit to ethical usage principles by integrating AI-generated content into their job search strategy in a way that complements their unique skills and experiences, acknowledging the importance of human creativity and oversight.

Presenter: Dr. Jen Polk, PhD to Life